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Up & Running


For Mac/Linux:

  • Java-11
  • Make file support

For Windows and systems where the given Makefile doesn't work:

Please install the following dependencies manually

Windows users can install allure using scoop:

scoop install allure

Configuring excel:

Sample configuration sheet is available here.

Setup :

make setup

If the above command doesn't work, you will have to install the aforementioned pre-requisites manually.


To Run from an IDE :

Define an environmental variable RESTEL_APP_FILE to the spreadsheet file path. Once the spreadsheet file path is configured, run the main class RestelApplication to run the tests from excel.

To Run from scripts :

Inputs : Restel excel file

Command to run :


sh scripts/ <excel file path>.


.\scripts\run.bat <excel file path>

This script when given your restel excel file as input will run the tests and use allure CLI tool to generate and display the reports in a browser. e.g.,:

*nix: sh scripts/ quickstart/jsonbox_test.xlsx

Windows: .\scripts\run.bat quickstart\jsonbox_test.xlsx