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Matchers are for evaluating the response body/headers with the expected body/headers.

The below are the matchers available now and their purpose,

Matcher TypeWhen to use
NOOP_MATCHERWhen you don't have to do any match.
EXACT_MATCHERWhen we have to ensure that the expected response is exactly same as the actual response. Though the order of values in JSON doesn't matter.
PARTIAL_MATCHERChecks if all the values in the expected responses is available in the actual response. Any other extra fields in the actual response will be ignored.
SCHEMA_MATCHERIt evaluates if the actual api response matches with the Expected Json-Schema. Will match only for Json results with Response Content-Type : application/json. The Schema_matcher only supports schemas of with specification of Draft 2019-09 other lower version drafts(draft-07,draft-06, so ..) are not supported